John Peterson Woodwind Repair


This has been our shop motto at RDG woodwinds, where for the last 20 years I have worked repairing fine oboes and clarinets.  This is a bit of a joke, of course, but in order to do really fine work, it is best to take it seriously.

In order to make an instrument function effortlessly and play smoothly, quietly, and evenly with adjustments that stay where you put them, it is not enough to simply replace pads and adjust the instrument well.   It is absolutely necessary to lay a solid mechanical foundation first.  This means ensuring that the wood is sound and airtight,  the posts are firm and properly aligned, and the keys are tight and move smoothly.

This type of work takes more time and effort, but the result is worth it.

Please check out my Don’t Panic! section for hints on do-it-yourself repairs for common problems.


Overkill is under-rated

From custom keywork, voicing, and tuning to general maintenance and hints about keeping your oboe or clarinet in tip top shape, you have come to the right place.