Complete Overhaul

  • Instrument is completely disassembled.

  • Keys and posts are cleaned, polished, and silver-plated if desired.

  • Body is cleaned and oiled, and all wood leaks sealed.

  • Toneholes are restored to like new condition.

  • Tenons refit if necessary, tenon corks replaced.

  • Posts are aligned, loose posts tightened.

  • Hinge rods cleaned and polished, replaced if necessary.

  • All keys are carefully re-fitted, key corks are replaced.

  • All pads are replaced, and adjusted for airtightness.

  • Pad heights, key leverages, and spring tensions are carefully adjusted, springs replaced where needed.

  • Instrument is adjusted, regulated, and tuned as requested

An overhaul takes many hours, usually spread over a few weeks. The cost is considerable, and can exceed $2000. Most instruments don’t need anything close to this amount of work. This cannot be booked online: please contact me to schedule.