Crack Repair


It is best to contact me to schedule crack repair. I will do all I can to get your instrument working again quickly. I can often schedule the repairs sooner than you see availability in my online schedule, as I set aside time for emergencies like this. Of course, you may also book online if you wish.


On this website I have instructions about how to seal a crack with instant glue. This can get you through your immediate concerts without having to send the instrument in, so you can schedule full repair at your convenience. CLICK HERE

My normal practice is to use carbon fiber pins. I usually only install tonehole inserts in the unlikely event that a crack re-opens. Please let me know if you want tonehole inserts or old style threaded steel pins.

A typical crack repair takes two to four hours and costs from $150 to $400 for pins only. Tonehole inserts are $95 for the first one, $45 for each additional insert. For instruments still under RDG warranty, inserts are discounted by 50%. Pins are installed at no charge under the warranty. The warranty period is one year for clarinets purchased new from RDG, two years for oboes.