Full Annual Maintenance

  • Instrument is completely disassembled and cleaned.

  • Cleaning includes 8ve and register vents, toneholes, and undercutting, but keys are not polished.

  • Wood is oiled if dry, and tested for air-tightness.

  • Tenon corks replaced as needed.

  • Mechanism is carefully tightened, key silencers replaced as needed.

  • Each pad is individually and systematically tested for air-tightness and adjusted or replaced if necessary.

  • Instrument is reassembled, key heights and springs adjusted, and carefully regulated and test played.

  • Tuning is done only as requested.

My goal with this job is to systematically work through your instrument for top performance. Pads will be airtight and key action will be quiet, crisp, and smooth. Response will be easy from top to bottom.

This usually takes from three to six hours or more, depending on the condition of the instrument. It normally costs $350-$600. The first time through an instrument is the most time consuming and expensive, and the cost can be higher if maintenance has been deferred. Regular maintenance will reduce the cost considerably.

No charge for instruments purchased new from RDG that are still under the store warranty. (One year for clarinets, Two years for oboes.)