Minor Annual Service

  • The instrument will not be completely disassembled.

  • Pads will be adjusted to cover properly but only badly leaking ones will be replaced. Small diffused leaks will be left as is.

  • Major key looseness and noise will be addressed.

  • A perfect airtight seal and completely smooth, quiet action are not guaranteed.

  • The instrument will be put into good basic playing condition.

Some oboes will not need the complete systematic work through of the full annual maintenance job. This may be because the instrument has been recently serviced, or because the player does not require such high performance standards.

With this job I will check for major problems while the oboe is assembled, and take care of them as required. My goal will not be a perfectly airtight instrument with flawless key action and response. Rather, the goal will be to produce a practical, easily playable and useful instrument that plays without any major problems. Some instruments may require the full annual maintenance or a complete overhaul.

This job normally takes one to three hours and costs $100-300. No charge for instruments purchased new from RDG that are still under the store warranty. (One year for clarinets, Two years for oboes.)